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We are excited to announce an alliance with the Resilient Families founders. You directly benefit by an exclusive NQF discount code. Watch this space for the details…
But firstly I’d like to introduce you to one of the co-authors and a practicing psychotherapist…. Laurie Morrison:

“As early childhood and school leaders you are sure to be on the lookout for effective ways to help children and families develop secure, respectful relationships that foster a bright future. Bare Hands have developed Resilient Families, an innovative, digital product that does just that. Weekly articles focus on the HOW of essential skills in communication, conflict resolution and emotional self-regulation with a special focus on the challenges experienced by parents and caregivers. Grounded in clinical experience, the articles are practical and to the point, helping parents and caregivers develop skills and strategies for life, which can then be modelled for children. We all know the power of leading by example and Resilient Families taps into this very effectively. It all comes down to resilient adults nurturing resilient children!”
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